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20223Interview - Public Health Management, in Republic of Moldavia - News and perspectives Prof. OLEG Lozan
20223The Image Of The Family Doctor In SocietyLudmila DUBINĂ, Alina TIMOTIN, Oleg LOZAN
20223Accessibility of High-Performance Medical Imaging Services in the Republic Of Moldova Eugenia PEATAC, Mihai CIOCANU
20223Barriers and Opportunities in Providing Healthcare to Patients with Rare Diseases in the Republic of MoldovaNatalia PORCEREANU , Oleg LOZAN
20223Modern Management of Adrenal Tumours: Focus on SDHB Mutation – Related PheochromocytomaAndra-Maria OLTEANU, Eugenia PETROVA, Daniel DIACONU, Mara CARSOTE, Anca HALDAN, Claudiu-Eduard NISTOR, Adina GHEMIGIAN
20223The Assurance with Qualified Personnel – Priority Direction of the Oncology Service in the Republic of MoldovaVictor ȘCHIOPU, Nicolae JELAMSCHI, Nadejda COROBCEAN

20222Interview - Challenges in the Management of a Complex Hospital in RomaniaProf. Univ. Dr. Anca COLIȚĂ
20222Priorities of Development the Urological Medical Assistance in the Republic of MoldovaAndrei GALESCU, Andrei UNCUȚA, Oleg LOZAN
20222Knowledge and Practices of the Family Doctor Regarding the Procedure of Communication and Counseling the PatientMarina MOCREAC, Adriana PALADI
20222Hospitalization Episodes Caused by Thrombotic Accidents Such as Myocardial Infarction or Stroke in Romania, 2015-2021Carmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN
20222Pitfalls of adrenal tumors’ management in real-life medicine: a cases seriesRodica PETRIS, Ana VALEA, Diana Elena RENTEA, Ana-Maria GHEORGHE, Adina GHEMIGIAN, Mara CARSOTE, Eugenia PETROVA, Florica SANDRU, Anca HALDAN, Claudiu-Eduard NISTOR
20222Descriptive Study Regarding Situation of Hospitalization Episodes Determined by the Most Frequent Affections of the Large Joints – Cox/Gonarthrosis, in Romania, in the Last DecadeCarmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN

20221Statement - The role of Europe’s Schools of Public Health in times of war: ASPHER statement on the war against Ukraine - 28 February 2022 Lisa WANDSCHNEIDER, Yudit NAMER, Nadav DAVIDOVITCH, Dorit NITZAN, Robert OTOK, Lore LEIGHTON, Carlo SIGNORELLI, John MIDDLETON, Jose M MARTIN-MORENO, Laurent CHAMBAUD, Henrique LOPES, Oliver RAZUM
20221Polypharmacy treatment IssuesHektor SULA, Gentiana QIRJAKO, Suela KËLLIÇI, Arvin DIBRA, Xheladin DRACINI
20221Medical practice protocols. The experience of hospitals in RomaniaMarius CIUTAN, Lavinia PANAIT, Georgeta POPOVICI
20221Hospitalization for Post-Covid-19 Medical Rehabilitation, in Health Facilities in Romania, During April 2020 and September 2021 – A Descriptive Study Mihaela GALAON , Marius CIUTAN
20221Depression in Romania, Hospitalizations in the Last DecadeCarmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN

20214Interview - HEALTHY CHILDREN for a HEALTHY FUTURE – Current Status and ExpectationsConf. dr. Monica Desiree DRAGOMIR
20214Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Comorbidity with Anxiety: Non-Experimental Cross-Sectional StudyManuela RĂSCOL, Maria Madalina LETI, Valentin VARLAS, Vlad DIMA, Roxana BOHILTEA, Anca Lucia POP, Tatiana ONISEI
20214Management of Cardio-metabolic Features in Women Diagnosed with Premenstrual Syndrome Eugenia PETROVA, Mara CARSOTE, Adina GHEMIGIAN, Ana VALEA
20214Pregnancy and borderline pigmented lesions of the skin Monica SALMEN-CETERAȘ, Virginia CHIȚU, Diana-Georgiana CRĂCIUN-ENCULESCU, Teodor SALMEN, Bianca-Margareta Mihai, Roxana Elena BOHÎLȚEA, Vlad DIMA, Călin GIURCĂNEANU
20214Analysis of Osteoporosis Determined Hospitalization Episodes in Romania, in the Period 2008-2020 Carmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN
20214Difficulties Of Case Management: Giant Parathyroid Adenoma With Cystic Appearance And Presentation Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Eugenia PETROVA, Alexandra Ioana TRANDAFIR, Adina GHEMIGIAN, Mircea GHEMIGIAN, Anda DUMITRASCU, Dumitru IOACHIM, Nicoleta DUMITRU1, Mara CARSOTE, Florica SANDRU, Ana VALEA
20213Interview - Endocrinology in Romania - Current State and Perspectives Adina Mariana GHEMIGIAN
20213Mindfulness And Subjective Vitality As Mediators Of The Relationship Between Depression, Anxiety, Stress And Emotional EatingRaluca SFETCU, Dragoș ILIESCU
20213The Importance Of Emergency Tranvaginal Cervical Cerclage For Preventing Premature Birth: Literature ReviewIonita DUCU, Vlad DIMA, Ana-Maria CIOCA, Bianca-Margareta MIHAI, Roxana Elena BOHILTEA
20213Cost Efficiency of Indocyanine Green Surgery in Breast Cancer Surgery – Literature Review Nicolae BACALBAȘA, Irina BĂLESCU, Roxana Elena BOHÎLȚEA, Vlad DIMA, Sorin PETREA, Sorin ALDOESCU, Mihaela VÎLCU, Iulian BREZEAN, Lucian POP, Alexandru CIULCU, Dragoș ROMANESCU, Claudia STOICA10, Cristina MARTAC, Alexandru FILIPESCU
20213Infrared Thermography – A New Approach For Temperature Monitoring In NeonatesVlad DIMA, Ioana ANGELESCU, Andreea VIDRU, Georgeta GRECU, Mihaela DEMETRIAN, Andreea Avramescu-CALOMFIRESCU, Adriana Sarah NICA, Adrian TOMA
20213Descriptive Study on the Situation of Vitamin Deficiency Hospitalization Episodes, in Romania, in the Last DecadeCarmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN
20212Interview - Science and Professional Training in the Field of Family Medicine - Current Status And PerspectivesProf. Dumitru MATEI
20212Put Points Over “i“: What the Doctors are Facing During the Covid-19 Pandemic?Gabriel Cristian BEJAN, Ioana Veronica GRĂJDEANU, Anca Angela SIMIONESCU, Maria Alexandra STĂNESCU
20212Assessing the Effectiveness of the Healthcare Plan and Its Key Role in Improving the Quality of Life of Breast Cancer PatientsMirela Mariana VĂLCAN
20212Some Comparations in Methods of Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Prof. Nicolae STEINER, Corneliu Nicolae ZAHARIA
20212Descriptive Study Regarding Obesity Hospitalization Episodes in Romania, in the Last Decade Carmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN
20212Communication in Crisis Situations Prof. Nicolae STEINER
20211Priorities for action at national health insurance house levelAdrian GHEORGHE
20211Updated Preparation Framework and Response to a Pandemic FluProf. univ. Asoc. Dr. Nicolae STEINER, Dr. Corneliu Nicolae ZAHARIA
20211Descriptive Study on the Situation Of Malnutrition Hospitalization Episodes in Romania in the Last DecadeDr. Carmen SASU, Dr. Marius CIUTAN, Dr. Simona MUȘAT
20211Caring For People With Cognitive Impairment (Ci) During The Covid-19pandemic Daciana TOMA, Raluca SFETCU, Daniela Georgeta POPOVICI, Mihaela Daniela BALTA

20204PFIZER/BIONTECH Vaccine Supply Chain: The Challenges of Organizing DeliveryGilles PACHÉ
20204Cost-Containment Mechanisms for Public Pharmaceutical Spending Prof. Univ. Dr. Cristian VLĂDESCU, CS II Constanța MIHĂESCU-PINȚIA1
20204The Role of Unitary Cost Data Records for Decision Making in the Romanian Health SystemMarius CIUTAN, Adina GEANĂ
20204Development of Practice Protocols at Hospital Level In RomaniaMarius CIUTAN
20204Descriptive Study Regarding the Situation of Hospitalization Episodes Determined by Measles in Romania, Analysis Of The Last 5 Years Carmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20203Evidence informed policy making Moriah ELLEN
20203Resting state functional connectivity changes in naturalistic stimulation studyMihaela ONU, Dragoş CȊRNECI, Claudiu PAPASTERI1, Dana GEORGESCU, Alexandru BERCEANU1, Ioana CARCEA
20203The reproductive health in Romania - current statusMarius CIUTAN, Silvia Gabriela SCINTEE, Michaela NANU, Ecaterina STATIVA, Cristian VLĂDESCU
20203Descriptive study on the situation of hospitalization episodes in the case of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus in RomaniaCarmen SASU, Marius CIUTAN, Simona MUȘAT
20202Better and More Efficient Trials for Better EvidenceProf. SHAUN TREWEEK
20202Informal Payments for Health Care: A Qualıtatıve Study in TurkeyDoğancan ÇAVMAK
20202A Cross-Sectional Examination of the Effects of Covid-19 on Turkish Community: an Integrated Perspective of Social, Economic and Public Health Issues Doğancan ÇAVMAK, Şeyda ÇAVMAK, Sait SÖYLER1
20202Tuberculosis - Frequency of Hospitalization Episodes in Romania, 2015-2019Carmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20202Analysis of the Use of Hospital Services by the Elderly, in Romania, in 2019Carmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20201Current Concers In EpidemiologyGeza MOLNAR
20201TELEMEDICINE IN CURRENT HEALTH CARE – general considerations and possibilities of use in the field of rehabilitationMihaela GĂLĂON, Marius CIUTAN
20201Assessment Study of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Nurses in Romania Regarding Hand Hygiene and Healthcare-Associated InfectionsViorica NEDELCU, Mariana ZAZU, Doina Carmen MAZILU, Prof. Univ. Dr. Ioana Marina GRINŢESCU
20201Neurodegenerative Diseases - Hospitalized Morbidity in Romania, 2015-2019 Carmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20201Nordic Occupational Skin Questionnaire Might Be a Reliable Tool for Occupational Physicians in the Health Surveillance of the Dental Healthcare – A Romanian SurveyHoratiu Remus MOLDOVAN, Septimiu Toader VOIDAZAN, Silviu-Horea MORARIU, Carmen-Maria SALAVASTRU, George-Sorin TIPLICA

20194EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE - Current concerns and perspectivesLucian PUȘCAȘIU
20194CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING AGING POPULATION - manifestations, challenges and concerns in the medical-social fieldCarmen Lavinia PANAIT, Marius CIUTAN
20194Why conducting and updating systematic reviews are resource intensive: a phenomenological qualitative study protocol FenomenologicMoriah ELLEN, Raluca SFETCU, Eduard BALADIA, Barbara NUßBAUMER-STREIT
20194Influenza hospitalization episodes in Romania, analysis of the last 5 yearsCarmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20194Quality assessment and measurement of results in medical rehabilitation services – implications for persons with disabilitiesMihaela GĂLĂON, Marius CIUTAN
20194Hospital morbidity spectrum among children 0-17 years in RomaniaMarius CIUTAN
20193Training clinical health researchers to be evidence-based when designing new studiesHrund Thorsteinsson
20193Behaviour science: theoretical domains framework representation within nursing implementation studiesCraig LOCKWOOD, Anna PEARCE, Raluca SFETCU, Zoe JORDAN
20193The development and the evaluation of the psychometric characteristics of a tool for the assessment of the nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and practice in the field of pressure ulcer prevention and managementClaudia Elena DOBRE¹, Florin Cătălin CÎRSTOIU, Doina Carmen MAZILU
20193The importance of correctly reporting the cases of health care associated infections in the DRG systemMihai PAVEL, Septimiu VOIDĂZAN, Gabriela NEGRUȚ, Andrea SZÉKELY, Ramona MARIȘ, László LORENZOVICI
20193Hepatites - the frequency of the continuous hospitalization episodes and their spatial distribution in Romania - analysis of the last 5 yearsCarmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20193Comparative analysis of knowledge on cognitive behavioral therapy among COPD and non COPD patientsVijayalakshmi P, Surya S, Madhumathy U, Deena CHRISTOPHER
20192Hospital pharmacy: towards a new approachIoan ANTOFIE
20192Analysis of colorectal cancer hospitalized morbidity and estimates of their financial implications at national level, 2016-2018Constanța MIHĂESCU-PINȚIA, Simona MUȘAT, Mirela IONESCU
20192Effect of surprise inspections on the cleanliness of inpatient areas of a tertiary care hospitalMohammad KAUSAR, Amit LATHWAL, Anki REDDY, Anant GUPTA
20192Hospital morbidity by feriprive anemia, in RomaniaMarius CIUTAN, Mihnea DOSIUS
20192Developing multi-organ transplant center in Romania: managerial premisesNarcis COPCĂ, Constanța MIHĂESCU-PINȚIA
20191Avoiding research waste through evidence-based researchProf. HANS LUND
20191Voluntary development in the Romanian ambulance servicesGRASU Cristian
20191Health technology assessment of noninsulin health technologies - ethical issuesDima TSANOVA
20191Preliminary steps towards implementation of universal neonatal hearing screening in AlbaniaBirkena QIRJAZI, Ervin TOÇI, Enver ROSHI
20191The most frequent hospitalization episodes in children with tumors, in Romania, in the last 5 yearsCarmen SASU, Marius Ciutan, Simona Mușat
20191Knowledge, attitudes and sources of information related to mammography among women in shkodra, Albania Zamira SHABANI, Zamira Shabani, Marta Markaj, Raimonda Doda, Nora Frroku, Arlinda Ramaj